Repetition is a thing of the past with Aectual Pavers®: Digitally produced individual tiles, that can come in any shape and a variety of materials, to seamlessly match your outdoor design.

Tiling outside the square

Aectual’s digital production technology allows for mass-customization of concrete tiles. You can choose several recurring forms, or can even create pavements where each and every tile is unique. Create your own tile pattern.

Digitally produced

Aectual Pavers are produced with 3D printed formwork and robotic wire cutting techniques. Our formwork is recycled and reused into new formwork, which results in zero waste during production and substantial reduction in CO2 emissions.

Concrete, aggregate, and patterns

Aectual formwork is filled in with a concrete mix to make it durable for outdoors. Our concrete comes in several grey hues from light to dark. Next to a mono colour, several aggregates can be tailored to your taste upon request. Also an extra 3D printed pattern can be added to the tile surface, to create an extra layer of storytelling and level of detail.

How to make your bespoke pavement

Our fully digital process ensures an easy, fast and reliable design & production process. If you can provide us with complete information about your project, or already have ideas for a tile pattern, we offer a free design consultation to directly start creating your pavers. Please contact Andrea van Zwet or Didi Brinke with any requests.

Product Inquiries 

Get in touch by email or phone and we’re happy to provide you with instant feedback on all possibilities for your project, client or design.

You are most welcome to schedule a visit to our print facility, where you can experience our bespoke floors and 3D printing technology firsthand.

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General Inquiries 

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