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We work for a range of clients in architecture, real estate, design, and construction, on large scale bespoke 3D printed architectural products.  Aectual Floors, Space Dividers, Facades and Formwork provide limitless design possibilities in sustainable materials,  that are an exact fit to your space and brand.

3D printed form and function

Aectuals revolutionary mass-customization building techniques allow for fast, tailor made production. The ‘TINY (BAU)HAUS’ by DUS architects was built using Aectual Floors, Walls, and Facades, using the intelligence of 3D printing. Canopies, ornament, seating and shelving are accounted for in the design and fabrication-process, and seem to ‘grow’ from the walls. As a result, installation was fast, easy and error free.

Innovation meets tradition

For BMW World, renowned designer Patricia Urquiola created a 320 m2 Aectual Floor with a white pattern and green marble infill, inspired by the magnificent Northern Lights.  ‘What I love about this Floor’, said BMW director of design Adrian van Hooydonk, ‘is that it combines a very traditional material, terrazzo, with a technological innovation, 3D printing’.  At Aectual we introduce the benefits of digital production to develop products that people love.

Unparalleled design possibilities

Our technology can be used to create one-of-a kind building products for interior and architectural purposes, as for instance shown in the interior for the Loft Ginza Flagship store in Tokyo, and the façade for the main building for the EU presidency 2016 in Amsterdam. For De Meeuw, one of the EU’s largest flexible housing builders, we are developing an entirely printable, customizable and recyclable facade system especially catered to their product.

Printed panels, Loft Flagshipstore Ginza, Tokyo Japan 2017. design by DUS
Private home, Amsterdam 2017
Current projects include1900m2 flooring for Amsterdam Schiphol airport, a new museum in the centre of Amsterdam and large retail projects in Europe and Asia.
Printed facade panels, Entrance Building NL EU Presidency, Amsterdam 2016. Design by DUS

Break free from conventional mold making

Our unique 3D printed mold does not have to be re-used but can simply be shred and re-printed. It brings unequaled design possibilities, and faster and cheaper production that’s less wasteful. With help of our software, we can optimize the shape of the product and the amount of concrete needed, up to 70%.

From unique design to engineered product in an instance

We offer software tools that allow users to customize existing designs, or quickly translate personal designs into digital production drawings. Our combination of design, engineering and production software ensures a rapid process, and safe products.

Prototype for bespoke staircases and matching floor patterns for multiple office buildings, Dutch real estate developer, 2017

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