Aectual Stairs® converts conventional concrete formwork techniques into works of art. Our 3D printed stair moulds can take virtually any shape and are 100% sustainable.

Reach new design heights

Aectual Stairs are produced in several types of concrete, with help of our unique 3D printed formwork technology. 3D printing allows for unprecedented designs. Soft chamfers, patterns, ornaments, or logo’s, can all be easily integrated into the formwork and thus into the final concrete stair.

Break free from conventional formwork

Aectual’s unique 3D printed formwork is made from recyclable bio-plastic. After use it can simply be shred and directly re-printed into new formworks. This brings unequaled design possibilities, and faster and cheaper production that’s much less wasteful than conventional production methods. Also, with help of our design & engineering software we can optimize the shape of the stairs and reduce the amount of concrete needed, up to 50%.


Our formwork material is made of bio-plastic. Aectual staircases are made of conventional concrete with steel rebar, and ranges in colours from white to dark grey. Contact us for more information on finishes. Please also contact us for our Ultra High Performance Concrete Staircases, which don’t require rebar and can be as thin as 6 cm.

From unique design to engineered product in an instance

Aectual design software combines parametric design-, engineering- and digital manufacturing constraints. This allows for a fast and smooth design&build process, and guarantees safe and certified production of stairs. Engineering is done in collaboration with Arup. Please contact us to use our beta staircase customizer with embedded engineering and Dutch Building code constraints.

Start creating your bespoke staircase

Contact us for more information on design possibilities, pricing, production and delivery times. If you can provide us complete information about your project, we offer a free design consultation to directly start creating your bespoke staircase. Please contact Andrea van Zwet or Didi Brinke with any requests.

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You are most welcome to schedule a visit to our print facility, where you can experience our bespoke floors and 3D printing technology firsthand.

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